Our fun range of writing icings are perfect for more than just writing. We love creating patterns, faces and shapes with them too, here’s some ideas for your next cupcake decorating session!

Queen Writing Icings are wonderful for writing messages on cakes but have you ever jazzed up plain cupcakes with writing icing? We’ve created this video with simple icing tips and tricks, so once you’ve got the basics mastered then you just need a little creativity and some practice. Here are some fun ideas to inspire you! TIP: Baking paper makes a great surface to practice your skills on and it is really easy to clean up! 



Here we used black writing icing to make a spiders web by drawing circles then joining them with lines. On the right we’ve made a little line of big to small hearts.

Writing Icing Cupcakes


Instead of having to tell everyone what flavour your cupcakes are, write it on the top in writing icing. We used fudge icing for the chocolate cupcake – any excuse for extra chocolate!

Writing Icing Cupcakes


Have a little it of fun adding faces to your cupcakes. It’s a great activity for kids too. How about a competition to see who can create the funniest face?

Writing Icing Cupcakes


If you have your own fun ideas for decorating with our Writing Icings, we’d love to see them. Simply visit our Share section and upload your own recipe and image!

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