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Do you still make Rum or Brandy Essence?

Since Coles and Woolworths deleted Queen Rum and Brandy Essence from their range, we have had to stop producing them. We understand they were both much loved, heritage Australian products and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

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When did this happen and why did Coles and Woolworths do this?! I’m so upset to have learned this because now I can’t make my favourite recipe from my nana!


Hi Amy, unfortunately they were deleted about 3-4 years ago now – sadly if the products aren’t producing reasonable sales, they will be deleted to make way for something else.


Well I think you should reconsider making the rum essence again, because without it, I’m unable to make my mum’s famous rum balls that are suitable for kids to eat. I tried Hoyts brand Rum Essence a few days ago, & used it to make Rum Balls, but it is seriously the one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted, & I had to throw the rum balls out. It was a waste of my time, effort, & ingredients. The whole family agreed that it was a disgusting flavour. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reconsider making your rum essence again.