Tutorial: Food Colour Mixing Chart

Our food colour mixing chart has been on the side of our rainbow food colour packets for years. Here’s a handy web version for you to mix any colour of the rainbow with our colours – liquid or gel!


  • Amy Tan

    How to blend BLACK color using rainbow food colours?

    • Renee

      Hi Amy,

      Equal amounts of our Red, Yellow and Blue food colours will create a shade that is as close to black as you can achieve by mixing. You will achieve better results using our Gel Food Colours instead of liquid colours, however our Black Food Colour is also still available- simply visit the product page and either purchase online or use our product locator to find your nearest (Australian) supermarket stockist. Regards, The Queen Team.

  • Ursula Pereira

    how do i make the colour indigo

    • Renee

      Hi Ursula,

      Try using Queen Food Colour gels to achieve a nice intense indigo colour- simply combine red and blue in 1:2 parts, adjusting the blue until the desired shade is achieved.

  • Red Bert

    How can I make pink colored water using the basic 4 pack of colors.

    • Renee

      Hi there Red Bert. Our Rainbow Colour Multipack contains a red colour, which you can use to give you water a light red-pinkish tinge. If you’re looking for a true pink colour, we suggest using our Rose Pink liquid colour.

  • Pamela Harrison

    I had an email, when are the three new flavours coming out, I could not find them in my supermarket, choc espresso, strawberries and cream and salted caramel?